UNMARSHAL updates: May, 2022

May is coming to an end, so it’s time yet again to share the news and updates from Unmarshal’s Robust Ecosystem. The DataVerse that offers an easy way to query Blockchain data to BUIDL any use-case on Web3.

Unmarshal’s $MARSH Becomes the first token featured in ZeroSwap’s Trade-to-Earn program. (May 3)

The $MARSH/$BNB pair became the First Coin Pair Live on ZeroSwap’s program that will reward traders with over 10,000 MARSH tokens.

PS: The Data on LeaderBoard for the program was also Provided by the DataVerse — Unmarshal

Unmarshal’s core developer, SANTHOSH, explains the basics of tracking NFTs on the Blockchain (May 5)

In this article by Unmarshal, Santhosh K S, explained the basics of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), their features and standards as per ERC-721 and ERC-1155. He further analyzed how these special tokens can be tracked and monitored on Blockchain.

Maximizing earnings using newly-unveiled $MARSH Utility — Refer and Earn from Unmarhsal (May 5)

A win-win promo for supporters of Unmarshal; users can earn $MARSH tokens by simply referring anyone to BUIDL any ‘Web3’ application using Unmarshal’s API Suite.

25% of payments made is collected by the owner of the referral code while the developer who creates an app using the link will get a 25% discount.

Steps on how to register are highlighted here

Lead Software Engineer at Unmarshal, Chetan Kashetty explains How to Leverage Blockchain DEX for Token Prices (May 10)

In this article from Unmarshal, Chetan Kashetty, explains what Tokens are, differentiates DEX tokens from CEX tokens; He further discusses on deriving token prices on DEX, Leveraging token prices as well as Challenges faced.

Unique Partnership — Between Unmarshal and Spherium (May 10)

Spherium Fiance will be using Unmarshal APIs to #BUIDL data-driven dashboards into HyperSwap. Spherium Finance is empowering the cross-chain community by developing a suite of DeFi applications with full cross-chain compatibility.

Unmarshal’s APIs will help Spherium in creating visual dashboards for DEX users on different chains to provide users with visibility and transparency into their transactions.

Winners announced for $MARSH/$BNB big traders in ZeroSwap’s Play-to-Earn campaign (May 11)

ZeroSwap’s First coin pair of the leaderboard came to an end with 61 total participants and trade volume of over $230k. Winners of 10.5k $Marsh tokens were classified and announced.

Unmarshal’s Software Development Engineer, Anusha Sridhar, gives Insights on how to become a UI developer using React JS (May 11)

In this educative article , Anusha Sridhar provides key insights on how to become a UI developer using React. She reveals what UI development entails and why React is mostly used to develop. Further, she talks about React features, debugging for console.log() and then closes with alternatives for Console.log().

Unmarshal’s new CBDO, Sreenjoy Mallick (May 18)

A new addition to the experts at Unmarshal, Sreenjoy Mallick has held positions previously at Polygon and Cere Network and will now join unmarshal as the next CBDO, leading partnerships and business development operations.

Unmarshal Integrates Fantom Chain (May 20)

Having indexed 10+ chains, Unmarshal’s API suite now supports entrepreneurs to build dapps on the Fantom network. The key endpoints to this integration: Smart Notifications API, Wallet Balance API, Transaction History API, Decoded Transaction API, Token Store API and Tracking/Event Stream.

As follow up, Xscan will also allow users to scan, track and monitor assets on the Fantom network.

Winners rewarded for accurate guess of new Chain integration (May 22)

Prior to the Fantom-Integration, Unmarshal, through its twitter handle allowed fans to guess the new chain that will be integrated into the ecosystem. 3 lucky winners were announced an will be rewarded accordingly.

Xscan is now a women-led project under Unmarshal (May 31)

To celebrate Women in Crypto, Unmarshal’s universal blockcahin explorer — XSCAN, shed its old skin to unveil as a ‘new’ standalone project that will have women on the forefront of affairs.

Say Hi, to the WOMEN-led Xscan Team! Proudly powered by Unmarshal.

  1. Anusha, leading the tech.
  2. Anusiya S, leading the product.

About Unmarshal — THE DATAVERSE

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi data network that delivers reliable, easy-to-use, accurate & real-time data to Blockchain developers who wish to BUIDL dApps across any network. It provides the easiest way to query Blockchain data from Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polkadot, Near, Fantom, Polygon, Celo and Solana. Unmarshal also runs a universal google-like blockchain explorer called XSCAN, that allows users to scan their crypto wallets, monitor assets and track their crypto activities/transactions.

For more information about Unmarshal, connect on social media

For any queries, reach out at info@unmarshal.io

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