UNMARSHAL updates: January 2022

It’s been an awesome first month for Blockchain, DeFi, the Metaverse and everything in between.

As always, Unmarshal steadily Reels out amazing updates to serve its users, clients and supporters. This article will highlight the recent developments with UNMARSHAL in the month of January 2022.

1. Message from the CEO — Jan. 4

📩Manohar Kolagondanahalli, Founder & CEO of Unmarshal in his new year message, reeeled out the following expected updates to come this year:

2. MARSH Listing on CoinDCX Pro — Jan. 5

🔐India’s safest cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX Pro, listed UnMarshal (MARSH) on the INR Spot market and opened trading for the pair MARSH/INR.

3. $50 worth $MARSH distributed

💴 50 lucky Marshians were gifted $50 worth of $MARSH tokens in the Christmas Sweepstakes Giveaway. Prior to the gifting, Participants were required to carry out simple activities like:

4. $MARSH 3rd wave staking — Jan. 7

💰With an improved reward pool and extended staking period, unmarshal launched a 3rd wave for $MARSH staking. Full details:

To participate, learn how to stake and join to enjoy juicy %APR

5. Unmarshal Adds Support for Solana — Jan. 10

💻 Unmarshal #BUIDLs Solana Indexer, Enabling Querying Support to Dapps Within the Ecosystem.

With Unmarshal’s Solana support, dApps can swiftly fetch data particular to their applications without having to create any code.

6. Solana Integration on XSCAN

🖇 Solana network integrated into XSCAN.

Solana wallet explorers can scan and monitor their crypto portfolio, see details of transactions and enjoy full benefits of the universal blockchain explorer (xscan.io)

7. Brian D. Evans Joins Unmarshal as the Marketing Advisor

🤝 A new member on the UNMARSHAL team; Brian, has been coaching and leading the team members since the birth of Unmarshal. UNMARSHAL joined forces with Brian, who will serve as the key official Advisor for Unmarshal.

8. Unmarshal Meme contest for Discord

🤑2 Winners to share 500USDT Worth $MARSH Rewards.

By simply making a creative meme, JPG or GIF, participants, unmarshal shortlisted the 5 best memes and give rewards based on entries with highest votes 🗳 👍

9. Unmarshal New API Docs: A 360° view of Blockchain Data

Unmarshal announced the launch of a new reference documentation experience for our APIs; with features that can assist dApp developers in effortlessly accessing and hosting their apps across various blockchains.

These features include:

10. Unmarshal v2.0 — Welcome to the Dataverse

🎊UNMARSHAL transforms from being a “Data Provider” to being a “Platform” that makes blockchain data accessible

With the following updates:

📌 New Website Launch

📌 Revised Roadmap

📌 Governance Model

With more incredible announcements in coming months, stay updated with the awesome project — UNMARSHAL


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