Data on #Blockchain can be so raw, inaccurate, unreliable and unstructured, making it unmeaningful and somewhat unuseful.

There is however, a Chain-agnostic Blockchain protocol that consists of indexes that can help to transform these raw and unstructured blockchain data into meaningful form.
With Unmarshal, developers can request for data from different chains, and it will be provided in multiple formats, simplified, structured, accurate, reliable and valuable. As developers of Decentralized Applications, there will be little or no worries for the quality of data acquired to develop applications as use of the network nodes, developers can simply integrate data from different chains without worries.

UNMARSHAL aims at providing infrastructure support for Wallets, DeFi protocols and Exchanges. Investors also, can use unmarshal’s products (Insights and analytics dashboards and price trend notifications) in order to make better investment decisions.

Knowledge is power and Data is life, get quality data from Unmarshal today.

Website: www.unmarshal.io

Twitter: twitter.com/unmarshal



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