How to Earn Crypto tokens on OpenOcean

This Article will identify staking opportunities available on OpenOcean;

OpenOcean is the world’s first DeFi/CeFi full aggregator that offers the best price for swaps and trades on Decentralized and Centralized exchanges. Other amazing features of Openocean;

  • Supports 14 Blockchain networks (as seen in the graphics above). This is the most number of networks supported by any aggregator

And more!!!

Staking on OpenOcean is available for BSC, Ethereum and Avalanche networks for now, giving a chance to earn $OOE, $PNG and $ZOO tokens.

Step By Step guide on how I staked my $OOE Tokens on OpenOcean

  1. Open, change to BSC/smartchain network and connect wallet

PS: I am using mobile, and my wallet is trustwallet… so I used the wallet connect option

2. Go to Earn, then Vault to see the available staking pools on BSC, Ethereum and Avalanche networks. I selected the single $OOE on BSC, because my Tokens are available on BSC network.

2. Click on “deposit” … input amount and click “confirm”

Now you can enjoy the amazing %APR (rate of increase of value added)

For more information on staking for LPs you can follow OpenOcean








Blockchain content writer || Diving into DeFi & Web3 🚀🚀🚀

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Blockchain content writer || Diving into DeFi & Web3 🚀🚀🚀